What is the project?

The project’s impact will be the development of Vientiane’s city core area in an environmentally sustainable and pedestrian-friendly manner that will enhance the city’s economic development and overall quality of life. The project outcome will be improved urban transport operations and capacity in Vientiane.

Output 1: Sustainable Transport Management Agency. A new sustainable transport management agency will be established in Vientiane to manage operations of systems and facilities to be developed under the project and in the future with other sustainable transport operations.

Output 2: Bus Rapid Transit System. The project will establish a high-quality bus rapid transit (BRT) system for Vientiane. The project will finance the construction of 11.5 kilometers of routes in the center of Vientiane dedicated to BRT services, including 21 enclosed stations, which will be serviced by 96 new BRT vehicles utilizing clean vehicle technology (meeting a minimum EURO IV emissions standard).  The project is financing over 11 kilometers of dedicated bus lanes, 24 enclosed stations, and over 90 climate-friendly buses. It will also fund new signal lights at key intersections and a central traffic control center, as well as a national vehicle registration system.

Output 3: Traffic Management System. The project will finance measures to improve traffic management so that both the BRT system and general mixed traffic can move more efficiently in Vientiane.

Output 4: Parking Management System and National Vehicle Registration System. A new onstreet paid parking scheme for Vientiane’s city center area will be established.

Output 5: Non-motorized Transport. The project will improve accessibility through investment in pedestrian and cycling facilities as well as introducing modernized pedicab vehicles.