• BRT plays a vital role in a healthy, multimodal transportation system that connects people to jobs, and businesses to their customers.
  • BRT is cost-effective, efficient and has been proven to increase transit use with improved service frequencies, travel time and reliability.
  • BRT supports and sparks millions of dollars in economic development.
  • BRT meets a critical need to mitigate traffic congestion during the Vientiane urban development.

 As well as the direct and indirect benefits mentioned above, BRT in Vientiane could:

  • Enhance the livability and city image of Vientiane, by making the city more people rather than car-oriented.
  • Make it much easier and more pleasant for tourists to travel around the city, as well as greatly improving access to the airport.
  • Improve the environment, with few global greenhouse gas emis­sions as well as emissions of local pollutants.
  • Support economic development in the city, including opening up areas for development due to the higher densities made possible by high capacity BRT.


The East-West BRT is to average more than 9,500 weekday riders by 2035 and increase overall transit ridership in the corridor by 17 percent. Ridership will be fueled by activity generators within the half-mile station area around the preferred route including …