Proposals for parking in Vientiane, based on detailed analysis and best practice principles, include:

●● Organized on-street parking system for cars and motorcycles that allows smoother traffic flow, improves availability of parking, and creates more attractive streets. Dedicated parking spaces for 2,137 cars and 1,823 motorcycles in the first on-street parking zone.

●● Multi-space, pay & display parking meters with cash, smart card, bank card, mobile phone and automatic online bank payment options.

●● High-tech solution providing operational, transportation and financial data in transparent, real-time, online software system

●● On-street parking system that generates stable, long-term revenue stream for government and can finance sustainable transport projects.

●● Supply vs. demand analysis shows government investment in off-street parking is not needed.

●●A number of policies and regulations need to be installed to support successful parking management.

The on-street parking system and off-street parking reform will result in vacant parking spaces for drivers, reduced congestion and pollution, attractive streets, improve business’ income, better conditions for walking and cycling and stable and long-term parking income for Vientiane.