Pedicabs are without a doubt the most exciting opportunity in Vientiane for short distance movements.

150 three-wheeled vehicles will be purchased and will be a non-motorized public transport.  If Pedicab operation is aligned to tourism, then more tourists will come in and more profits for these drivers.

The Pedicabs are a critical employment generator.  Pedicabs are an important and sustainable mode of transport that supports multiple objectives including the promotion of entrepreneurship, more controlling, safety, reduce carbon footprint.  Pedicabs will provide a good measure for last mile and reduce the noise and congestion of our current city.   And specialized transport service exclusively for passenger movement.

 The system will manager a centre from the base and dispatch pedicabs to the nearest customer provided the riders stick to their ranks and designated areas of operation.

ICT Devices gather vehicle telematics data such as the speed, battery level and distance traveled. These vehicle data provides the drive and transport operator a better understanding of the vehicle status.

  • Vehicle Speed.
  • Brake light status.
  • Amount of pedal force from the driver.
  • Battery level of the electric assist system.
  • Motor status of the electric assist system.

The Pedicab Smartphone app could provide the following core functions:

  1. Pickup request.
  2. Scanning of the nearby Pedicab.
  3. Real time map
  4. Real-time route Tracking
  5. Payment
  6. Driver evaluations
  7. Trip tours

Advertising, decoration, and codification can be achieved through different treatments of the pedicab body. The flat panels lend themselves to being easily changed out to refresh branding. The frame and seat also offer opportunities for each fleets differentiation.